What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is also known by other names such as Major Autohemotherapy (MAH),
Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation.
Gathering a sample of blood (100~150ml) from either arm in an Ozone resistant bottle.
Then passing right amount of ozone gas directly into the blood.
When the human immune system is at its peak with proper oxygen levels it can prevent many disease and other health problems.
The ozonated blood will be a much brighter red color than the drawn blood.
The ozone-saturated blood is then given back to the patient.
Since your blood contains more oxygen during and immediately after Major Autohemotherapy, some people notice improved eyesight.
Ozone therapy is not some new technology. It is recognized mostly in Europe such as England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Russia.
It is one of the most powerful and versatile therapy known today.
Not only for anti-aging, also atherosclerotic disease, arthritis, muscle disorders, and even for cancer treatment.
Ozone therapy is harmless and safe when used properly and done by health care professionals. It has many applications include injection, autohemotherapy or direct injection into rectum and transdermal.
We introduce this treatment since it is the most effective way and it has immediate results.

 The range of human health problems that can respond favorably to ozone therapy is very broad..

– Improve physical exhaustion and muscle fatigue
Stimulate recovery from physical damage.
Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid prevent muscle from aging.
– Anti Aging, Revitalization
Increasing oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs.
Countering Free-Radical Ravages and Aging.
Induces metabolism on right cycle.
– Antibacterial, Anti-tumor and Antiviral
Help production of interferon which boost the immune system.
– Increasing blood circulation throughout the body.


 Various indications

1.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
2.Diseases produced by viruses (HIV , HB, HCV hepatitis,,papilloma virus,Herpes simplex)
4.Cancer and lymphoma
7.Circulatory Disorders (Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and varicose veins)
9.Dermatological illness
10.Rhumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s illness,Multiple sclerosis
11.Pulmonary illnesses (Emphysema ,COPD)
12.Opthalmological illnesses
13.Neurovegetatives illness (Alzheimer ,Parkinson,Dementia)

 Method and Procedures

Step1  100~150ml of the patient’s own blood is withdrawn in the normal manner.
Step2  Enriched externally with an exactly defined quality of ozone by oxygen generator.
Step3 The ozonated blood is immediately reintroduced into the patient’s system using a normal drip unit.


The patient may feel the difference even during the treatment.
Major Autohemotherapy has immediate results and also has a cumulative effect so that each treatment builds on and enhances the effects of previous treatments.
*For maintaining well being or anti aging, need once every other week.
*For cancer or diseases produced by viruses, more frequent treatment may be necessary.

Therapy is performed using German medical equipment.
We only use disposable sterile materials and containers.
There is no risk of infection.

Contraindication: Pregnant , Hyperthyroidism, G6PD deficiency.