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Incorporation of The Japanese Society of Oxidative Medicine

Founder comment

Current anti-aging medical treatments mainly focus on antioxidation and Calorie restriction.

When I was in the cardiovascular surgery department 25 years ago, the subject of my medical dissertation was “Experimental Analysis of Oxygen Free Radical and Radical Scavenger (Vitamin C) for MNMS (myonephropathic metabolic syndrome).” It was a clinical research project about active oxygen. At that time the role of vitamin C for in vivo antioxidation effect was skeptical. Nowadays, however, for alternative treatments, high doze of vitamin C i.v. therapy is often given to cancer patients all over Japan, this has moved me deeply.
In Japan, people tend to think that oxidizing is harmful. Therefore current anti-aging treatment is focusing on antioxidation, and there are many antioxidation treatments, antioxidation supplements and antioxidation study groups. However, in the United States, where they have more advanced alternative treatments, they have established Bio-Oxidative therapy and are offering a course for that at ACAM. The administration of the proper quantity of oxidant stress will be effective for raising the human body’s anti-oxidative potency and immunity. These treatments are collectively called Bio-Oxidative therapy.
In a nutshell, oxidative therapy has antioxidant effectiveness.
At my clinic for several years Major autohemothrapy of ozone and UVB (ultraviolet irradiation therapy) have been given to patients. I am sure these treatments are excellent, because the patients can tell the difference in their physical condition after the treatment. Actually, Ozone therapy is covered by health insurance in Germany and in the United States UVB is an FDA accepted therapy.
With the help of overseas expert doctors in various fields we could start this association to promote these oxidative therapies.
This association will help members not only introduce various oxidative therapies, but also support them to install these treatments. Thanks to members’ cooperation, both medical doctors and dentists, I will continue the academic and democratic work of our association.
The President of the Japanese Society of Oxidative Medicine
Watarai Takeo M.D.,Ph.D.




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